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Buy Cardboard Moving Boxes

Every day a new retailer jumps the bandwagon selling corrugated cardboard moving boxes, same is going on with online moving supplies sites.  Now, the question remains what is the best source for the consumer searching for quality moving boxes and packing supplies in the most economical manner.

The answer is relatively simple, the first point of interest must always focus on the quality of the corrugated cardboard moving boxes.  Our moving boxes go through the strength test which is a breakthrough process known as Edge Crushed Test (32 ECT) or 200Lb test.  The ECT Test is in compliance with Technical Association of Pulp and Paper and meets all industry standards.  The low prices of the moving boxes offered by by all means do not mean lowering our standards, we are simply provider of moving boxes from manufacturer direct to small and medium size companies, professional movers, and the general public. sells NEW boxes in a great price structure, our moving boxes are not irregulars or overruns in a low price, but top quality manufactured moving boxes in a discounted prices.  To pack any item in a right box is essential in protecting the items during the move and for that we offer packing boxes of small, medium, large and extra-large sizes along with many specialty boxes such as our ever so popular wardrobe boxes or another top seller, the flat screen TV boxes.

The specialty boxes are a great compliment to both Bundles Boxes and Moving Box Kits, they allow you to create a moving kit that is tailor made for your specific needs.  Although both the Wardrobe boxes and the Flat Screen TV Boxes are among the best sellers in the category, the value of other specialty boxes in protecting those odd shape and size items are also out there.

Packing Supplies

We have also paid great attention to the quality and pricing of our packing supplies like Bubble Rolls or Moving Blankets to complement the standards that we follow with the moving boxes.  The strength and quality of cardboard boxes alone could not possibly do the job of protecting valuables during the move and the use of adequate packaging supplies to prevent the boxes from opening or prevent the shift of the packed items in the moving boxes are as important.